Blue Blew It 

CS / C40 / IKASUS-054

KEIJO VIRTANEN: guitar, vocal, mouth-harp, maraca 
ALEX REED: ukulele, bass, drums, volcas, c5, 
omnichord, organ, samples, backing vocals

 All music recorded at Keljo, Jyväskylä, Finland

5€ (+ shipping)

"The Newest Historic Site" 
LP / IKU-047

"Bersabea is a collaboration between Niko-Matti Ahti and Birgir Örn Jónsson. The music follows an open-ended inquiry. Improvisations, samples, voices, field recordings and other aural flotsam gets collaged into bite-size pop donuts, and vice versa. Niko-Matti and Birgir live in different countries in the northern hemisphere. The music is stitched together somewhere in between. Nothing is premeditated, nothing is arbitrary. Everything is playful, joy and terror abound. "The Newest Historic Site" is 
Bersabea's first full length."

Edition of 300 copies.

13€ (+ shipping)

BERSABEA website

Mineral Kingdom 
LP / LAL-88 / IKU-050

The Parels is a duo of Jim Goodall and Eddie Ruscha from L.A. This LP is their second release after their self titled tape on Lal Lal Lal. Inside the grooves of this record they continue their strange exotica mission through the jungle and towards the mysterious grottos of the Mineral Kingdom. The trip is listened through a kaleidoscope: Small details and miniature symphonies change places and blend together, enchanting scenes morph into others. 
Limited edition of 300. 
Co-release with Lal Lal Lal.

14€ (+shipping) 


LP / LAL-85 / IKU-048

The sounds on this record have been created with feedback, by having a signal circle around a previously set route again and again. What seems empty at first draws a line as it moves, starts playing around and becomes something completely different. The nature of the sound changes in unexpected ways when one alters the parameters at different points of the loop. On this record the individual sounds play at different time scales and different speeds, which are defined according to the ratios of whole numbers. Because of this, the changes at the micro-level of individual sounds affect the swirling movement of the soundscape at the macro-level.

Recorded at home during the years 2013–2016.
Photography: Mia Tarkela
Mastering: Tommi Keränen 

Released June 2, 2017
Edition of 300 copies. 

13€ (+ shipping) 

7" / IKU-046 / ART-2

Recorded live by Linus Andersson at 
Elementstudion, Gothenburg 19.9.2016

Co-release with Artsy

5 € (+ shipping)

LP / IKU-044 / ART-1

Recorded live at Het Bos, Antwerpen 26.11.2015
Co-release with Artsy.

12€ (+ shipping)

Fragments Of High Sensitivity 
LP / IKU-043 / HYSTER22

"The title of the record combined with the organic paraphernalia may provoke the image of a „touch me not“, a sensitive plant. That's a bit misleading since Grykë Pyje, the duo of Jani Hirvonen (Uton) and Johannes Schebler (Baldruin), are not exactly fussy when it comes to bustle around with a lot of stuff - sometimes not exactly musical instruments. Together they built a soundworld as colorful and detailed as a field of flowers in the summer. On first sight one may be overwhelmed by the vast amount of impressions but the more time one takes the more detail can be experienced. So, enter the world of Grykë Pyje, get lost in a lovely and psychedelic pasture, but be careful: don't step on the daisies!" - Holger Adam

12€ (+ shipping)